Is it discrimination to have female parking spots in the parking lot?


I think it's discriminating to have female parking spots in the parking lot.As we know, female driving skills can be as good as men. Most of people think female have low level parking skill. ?It's ?stereotype. Female was labeled as weaker driver. It's unfair. Under the current circumstances, prejudice is based in the fact. It's not female twist the meaning of it.?

Parking skills can be practiced. This can limit female's potential to drive well.?

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on the contrary ? ~ ?conversely ? ? ? ? ?supermarket ~ mall ? ? ? better than nothing?

parking spots ?停车位 ? ? ? ?parking lot ?停车场 ? ? ? ? green hand driver ? 新手司机

more spacious spots ?宽阔的停车位 ? first ?come ?first ?serve ?

moral issue ?道德问题 ? ? ?crux ?is ? 重点是 ? our ?crux is ?short of ?resources.

feminist ?女性主义 ? ?genuine respect ?真诚的敬重 ? sensitive about that ?敏感某事

unequal treatment ? ?driving license ? 驾照 ? ?car ?plate ? 驾照 ?

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